Laululla, the newest album of Polyteknikkojen Kuoro (the Polytech Choir), is now available. The music and lyrics evolve around beginnings and endings, the two endpoints of storytelling. Another main theme of the album is the life cycle of a song, which compares to the ups and downs in love and life.

Published 2017

Polyteknikkojen Kuoro (PK)
Conducted by Saara Aittakumpu

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The album includes the latest pieces commissioned by the choir from the composers Ilona Korhonen, Lotta Wennäkoski, Juhani Komulainen and Tapani Länsiö, adding a wide range of contemporary music. The contemporary selection is completed with Grass, a piece composed by Toru Takemitsu’s and premiered in Finland by the choir. Works from the romantic era, which is as well selected around the theme of beginnings and endings, bring balance to the album.

The title piece of the album, Laululla by Ilona Korhonen, is based on folk songs. The artistic director Saara Aittakumpu comments on the piece: ”Laululla brought the folk song style as a new element in the choir’s repertoire. In Finland, mixed and especially female choirs have found and refined contemporary music based on folk song already since two decades, but so far it has been relatively rare among mail choirs.”

In the pieces about singing, the dramatic structure symbolizes the whole circle of life: ”Even though our own song did not always sound the brightest, we have contributed in opening new frontiers to the new generations”, writes Aittakumpu.

Tuuli Lindeberg is the artistic producer of the album. Kuisma Eskola has been responsible for recording, editing, and mastering.


1. ILONA KORHONEN (1972–): Laululla I: Joko mie laulan laiha poika?, san. Suomen kansan vanhat runot,
soolot: Simo Hellgrén, Pyry Koivisto, Ilmari Pärnänen & Jori Mäkkeli 4:58

2. SELIM PALMGREN (1878–1951): Kuulutuksilta, san. Larin-Kyösti 1:52

3. LEEVI MADETOJA (1887–1947): Ilta, san. L. Onerva | © Puijon-Laulu Edition 2:40

4. TAPANI LÄNSIÖ (1953–): Armahan kulku, san. Kanteletar | © Sulasol 5:05

5. TŌRU TAKEMITSU (1930–1996): Grass, san. Shuntarō Tanikawa,
käänt./trans. W. S. Merwin | Soolo: Christian Elg
© Fennica Gehrman 5:34

6. JUHANI KOMULAINEN (1953–): No Longer Mourn for Me,
san. William Shakespeare (Sonetti 71) | soolo: Eugen Azcoaga | © Sulasol 5:29

7. ARTHUR SULLIVAN (1842–1900): The Long Day Closes, san. Henry F. Chorley 4:12

8. LOTTA WENNÄKOSKI (1970–): Humina kuiskina,
san. Heikki Klemetti (Oi kallis Suomenmaa) | © Sulasol 6:53

9. EINOJUHANI RAUTAVAARA (1928–2016): Laulaja, san. Kalevala | © Fennica Gehrman 2:38

10. ILONA KORHONEN (1972–): Laululla II: Suu suella, pää revolla,
san. Suomen kansan vanhat runot, soolo: Lauri Turto 6:18